PR agency
for living, lifestyle, design and food

Always one step ahead
As one of the pioneers in the industry, Stella Blume founded the Blume PR agency in Hamburg in 1962 – at a time when PR was still in its infancy. Through strong entrepreneurial commitment, a keen sense for topics and new ways of staging brands and companies, Blume PR has always actively shaped the development of the PR industry, then as now.

From the very beginning, Blume PR specialized in the areas of living, lifestyle, design and food. Companies such as Melitta, Knoll International, AEG, Musterring and Ikea have been clients from the very first. This specialization is part of our success: We are sparring partners for our clients as well as for media partners and influencers. Conviction makes us standing behind our brands and products. And conviction convinces … 


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