Stella Blume founded the Blume PR agency in 1962 – today it is one of the oldest PR agencies in Germany. In 1994 Monika Brune took over as owner and managing director and continues the road to success: Nowadays Blume PR belongs to the leading PR-agencies of Germany in the surrounding field of the market segments living & Lifestyle, cooking & food and Design & architecture. Thanks to our specialisation, we maintain very close contacts with journalists, influencers and opinion leader of the industries and shape the media success of our clients with tailor-made PR concepts. 


We are dialog partners at eye level, which is appreciated not only by our customers but also by media partners. In the course of almost 60 years of agency history, we have built up a solid network and an excellent reputation – both form the basis of our success. Often it is not only about placing products in the media, but as well about cross-media ideas, brand cooperation and networking among business partners.


What does success mean for a PR agency? For us, this means a fruitful cooperation with journalists and influencers as well as satisfied customers – the one calls for the other. Among other things, journalists need well-prepared press material, but to satisfy customers we provide advice holistically. To achieve this, we necessarily have to understand the brand philosophy and its products. Visiting the production facilities, chatting with marketing managers as well as with the sales team and members of the development department and being enthusiastically present at onboarding workshops ist he starting moment. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for the products, we can provide journalists and influencers with the best possible support in their work. The result – and with it the measurability of our success – are numerous publications, which we make available to our customers in a well-prepared form on a monthly basis. We also strengthen brand visibility through cooperation and other tailor-made measures. Last but not least, long-standing customers prove our excellent work in communication.


Last but not least, a great team consisting of experienced industry experts and young PR professionals with fresh ideas is essential for the success of an agency. In creative strategy meetings our different backgrounds ensure effective and up-to-date PR strategies.

Monika Brune

Es gibt keine Probleme, nur Herausforderungen!

Alina Passing-Kolesnichenko

Es gibt keine Probleme, nur Herausforderungen!

Alina Passing-Kolesnichenko

Balou Popow

Keep it short and simple.

Irin Rodatz

Für das Können gibt es nur einen Beweis: das Tun.

Jana Wenzel

Think Positive! Think Big!

Kristina Dann

Kreativität ist Intelligenz, die Spaß macht.

Lena Sardemann

Creativity – the more you use the more you have

Liza Kohlhoff

Sabrina Janke

Wege entstehen dadurch, dass wir sie gehen.

Sonia Marsch

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