At the age of 21, the actual founder of the company, Om Mokshanada, left his home in Sweden and quit his job as a massage therapist. He traveled to India and, after studying Ayurvedic healing, discovered his interest in the ancient Indian nail boards. This is how the ShaktiMat was born. The word “Shakti” comes from Sanskrit and stands for the female power. Because every ShaktiMat is produced by hand in India, for the most part only by women and under fair working conditions: All female employees receive good salaries, paid vacation, continued payment in case of illness and health insurance. Om Mokshanada and his mother Nadine launched ShaktiMat in Sweden in 2007, and since 2017 the company has also been available in Germany and Austria.

Do you need press information about ShaktiMat? Then please write to or call us at 040-870 893-30.

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